Post-Election Concerns: Women’s Health

For many, if not most, women I know one of the biggest concerns post-election has been what the potential impact on women’s health may be. From Trump saying women who have abortions should be prosecuted to Pence’s own legislation in Indiana, it is not an overreaction for a lot of women to be concerned or fearful.

I am thankful to be surrounded by so many powerful, strong women in this confusing time. We have had a lot of frank discussions and that has sent me off in search of ways I can help. Feminist Midwife has a great post about how to support abortion providers if you’re pro-choice. There are some great organizations out there that could use donations, and she even includes ways that don’t require money in case you’re a bit tight on funds.

Donating to Planned Parenthood is another good option. I know Obama passed legislation giving permanent funding to PP but we’re still waiting for the final announcement from the Health Department as they must give the public a certain amount of time to give their opinion before approving or denying this permanent protection. I believe we’ll find out in the middle of December.

There is one positive I can say about the results of this election– it has made just that much more sure that this path I have chosen is the right one. And as someone who has been quite political since at least middle school, it has also pushed me to look more into things I could do as a CNM outside the traditional scope of duties (i.e. public policy, etc).

We need to buckle down, ladies. This is on our shoulders now.


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